Press Release

Matsui Pure Malt Whisky「The Kurayoshi」 Wins Category and Receives Gold at the International Whiskies Competition, World Whiskies Awards 2024.

Matsui Shuzo An Unlimited Partnership (hereinafter referred to as Kurayoshi Distillery, located in Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture), is pleased to announce that our Matsui Pure Malt Whisky ‘The Kurayoshi’ has won both the ‘Category Winner’ and ‘Gold’ awards at the prestigious World Whiskies Awards (WWA) 2024.
Among the numerous entries from around the world, we are deeply honored to have been recognized as the ‘Category Best Product’ through rigorous judging.
We will continue to strive to deliver whiskies that are loved by everyone.

Furthermore, not only Matsui Pure Malt Whisky ‘The Kurayoshi,’ but also many other products of ours have received awards.

■About award-winning product

★Category winner & Gold
Matsui Pure Malt Whisky「The Kurayoshi」

Matsui Pure Malt Whisky「The Kurayoshi 12 Years」

Matsui Pure Malt Whisky「The Kurayoshi Sherry Cask」
Matsui Pure Malt Whisky「The Kurayoshi 8 Years」
Matsui Pure Malt Whisky「The Kurayoshi 18 Years」
Matsui Whisky「The Daisen Wine Cask」

■About WWA
The World Whiskies Awards (WWA) is a whisky competition organized by Paragraph Publishing, the publisher of the whisky magazine “Whisky Magazine,” based in Norwich, United Kingdom. Originally held biennially as “Best of the Best” starting in 2001, it evolved into the World Whiskies Awards in 2007, becoming an annual event.
This competition focuses exclusively on whiskies produced and owned by clear official bottlings. Judging is conducted through blind tastings, where the brand names are concealed. It is unparalleled as the world’s premier competition solely dedicated to whisky.
Official Website of the World Whiskies Awards

■Kurayoshi Distillery
Kurayoshi Distillery is located in Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture, and is engaged in the production and sale of distilled spirits such as whisky. With the management philosophy of ‘bringing happiness to people through the production of alcohol,’ the company sells the ‘Matsui Whisky’ brand named after the local region, including ‘Kurayoshi,’ ‘Tottori,’ and ‘San-in,’ not only in Japan but also in more than 50 countries around the world.

Not satisfied with the current situation, the company continues to create new value for the world by predicting the distribution and sales 10, 20, and 30 years from now.

■Product information
Matsui Pure Malt Whisky「The Kurayoshi」

Size: 700ml
ABV: 43%
Raw Materials: malt
Softly refreshing and the savory aroma of malt, balanced acidity, bitterness and sweetness from the raisins, nuts and vanilla spread harmoniously throughout the mouth.