Kurayoshi Distillery

Kurayoshi, called city of water and green.
Comments from Distillery Staff.

Kurayoshi Distillery

Kurayoshi the foothills of Mt. Daisen, here has a fine water that is indispensable for whisky distilling. Kurayoshi, called that "Life is good" is the origin of the word, but the annual temperature range in the Sea of Japan side is large, and the aging of whisky also advances quickly compared to the actual situation like Islay Island.
It is no exaggeration to say that whisky is made by barrel and the nature. Our distillery is not big, we have a small number of staff, however, we will continue to strive all the staff with the desire to deliver the best whisky.

Process of barrel aging

Fine quality water is essential for whisky making, but the process of barrel aging as an important procedure for us as well.
As Mizunara (Japanese Oak) and Sakura (Cherry wood) have been applied as barrel materials, that we are developing a variety of whisky production by using wine barrel or sherry barrel.
We are challenging ourselves to present varieties of tasting whisky through the process of post-ripening in various barrels and various whisky production all the time.

Greeting from the Distiller

"Whisky beloved by everyone"
Even if it reads "whisky beloved by everyone", each person's preference is different. Kurayoshi's water is soft and it has a condensed taste. By delivering whisky distilled with Kurayoshi's water, we hope to bring the taste our consumers desire, keeping in mind our philosophy of "Whisky to be loved by everyone".
Utilizing the technology we have cultivated over many years, we constantly and carefully try innovative ideas with trial and error. Please sample the whisky we have made.