Matsui Shochu
「The Kurayoshi」

Shochu Made with the First-of-its-Kind Method in Japan

Using polished (50%) Yamada Nishiki rice and yellow koji, along with carefully selected yeast, we utilized the pure rice daiginjo brewing method, fermenting at low temperatures for 30 days to create a fruity aroma and rich flavor in the moromi. This moromi was distilled using a decompression distillation machine unique to Matsui Shuzo.

Normally, decompression distillation occurs at a boiling point of 45-50 degrees, but in Matsui Shuzo's distillation process, it occurs at an even lower boiling point of 35 degrees. By distilling at low temperatures over an extended period, we were able to fully express the original taste and aroma of the rice down to the smallest details.

Enjoy the new rice shochu created by Matsui Shuzo, 'Matsui Shochu The Kurayoshi.'

■Product Details
Ingredients/Rice and rice koji

*Currently sold only in the domestic market of Japan