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Matsui Gin
Japanese Craft Gin

  • 白兎-HAKUTO-

    Matsui Gin 「The Hakuto」

    With an emphasis on the Japanese pear, “Nashi”, this special product of Tottori prefecture draws upon 9 botanicals; juniper berries, coriander seed, orange peel, yuzu peel, Japaneseginger, green tea, cherry blossom and black pepper.
    The scent evokes refreshing citrus fruit combined with tasting notes of sweet pear, black pepper and spicy Japanese pepper.
    Drink this straight or mix this in a cocktail of your choice.

    Product Details

    Size: 700ml/750m(USA) ABV: 40%

  • Matsui Gin the HAKUTO Premium

    Matsui Gin 「The Hakuto Premium」

    With an emphasis on the Japanese pear, "Nashi", this draws upon 9 botanicals and the addition of 5 premium botanicals evokes a richer scent.
    Unique flavors that this provides differentiates itself from your ordinary gin. Please enjoy the spicy yet sweet and refreshing complex flavors.

    Product Details

    Size: 700ml/750ml(USA) ABV: 47%


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