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[WORLD WHISKIES AWARDS 2021] Best Japanese Blended Malt awarded to Kurayoshi 18 years

On September 25th, the results of the “World Whiskies Awards 2021” was announced.


“Pure Malt Whisky Kurayoshi 18 Years” was awarded Best Japanese Blended Malt.
“Pure Malt Whisky Kurayoshi 18 Years” only uses malt whisky matured in American white oak barrels. The sweet taste of honey, the delicate and savory vanilla notes, the smoky and spicy multi-layered flavor, and the deep rich fragrance of this aged whisky confirms its maturity.



“Pure Malt Whisky Kurayoshi 12 Years” was awarded Category Winner in the Japanese Blended Malt 12 Years and under category.
“Pure Malt Whisky Kurayoshi 12 Years” highlights the aroma of nuts and almonds with hints of vanilla and raisins, with a faint smoky flavor. This vintage as the perfect balance of sweet, bitter and acidity.


The World Whiskies Awards select, reward, and promote the world’s best whiskies to consumers and trade across the globe. They are the global standard for selecting the very best in all internationally recognized styles of whiskies. We were awarded out of the many high-profile entrants within the Japanese whisky category.


If not for your continuous support, we would not have received these honorable awards.
We will continue to produce high-quality liquors and make people happy through it.