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Donation of rubbing alcohol to Kurayoshi City


We would like to express our deepest sympathies to people who have been suffering from the COVID-19 and their families.


We, Matsui Shuzo, have acquired approval and license from METI and started producing rubbing alcohol. We were eager to start this off by providing Kurayoshi City, where our distillery resides, with 2,000 bottles for nothing as a contribution to the safety and the security of the local, and on May 13th, finally had a chance to hand it over to the mayor of Kurayoshi City. Now we are starting distributing preferentially to medical centers, and then secondly to domestic pharmacies and retail stores.


As our slogan is “To make people happy through production of liquor”, we will keep trying our hardest not only to produce whisky and other liquors but also to find a way to make social contributions whether it’s big or small.


We sincerely wish that we could all start life again without the virus as quickly as possible and we pray for everyone’s safety and health.