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【Made in KURAYOSHI】vol.1

The first signs of winter are appearing.

Down in the Tottori prefecture sits the town of Kurayoshi, surrounded by nature.


We are hoping to one day craft a pure Kurayoshi malt whisky.

It is our hope to share the charm of Kurayoshi with more people.


In addition to our pure malt whisky, “Kurayoshi” and our blended whisky, “The Tottori”, we’ve released our very own single malt whisky, “The Matsui”, crafted at the Kurayoshi distillery using the soft spring mineral water from Mt. Daisen.  


Until now we’ve been using two-row barley from abroad, but with the help of the local farmer, Mr Matsumoto, we’ve began farming our own two-row barley in Kurayoshi town.  Continuing in the spirit of past generations, Mr Matsumoto has a deep affection for Kurayoshi. “We want to make whisky using ingredients exclusively from Kurayoshi”, Mr Matsumoto shares this ambition with us, which has resulted in local production and planting of the seeds. 



On November 12th, we planted the seeds!




The two-row barley used (Shunrei) is the only type that exists in the Tottori prefecture.

It is actually classified as beer malt barley, but is also highly suitable for distillation.

Kurayoshi’s very own Mr Matsumoto has kindly planted the seeds himself using his tractor.




We’d like to post updates periodically on the progress of the crop. Not only on growing the barley, but also malting and distillation through to adding the water and maturation. Every member of our team strives to make our whisky even better; we hope to carry this passion forward into the future.



Thank you for bearing with us until we can make a pure Kurayoshi whisky with locally sourced ingredients.